Italian courses for Erasmus+ incoming students

The Language Centre offers Italian courses for Erasmus+ students who come on exchange at the University of Trieste.

During the first semester we offer 3 Italian courses, for the levels A2, B1 and B2. In the second semester we offer 2 courses, for the levels A2 and B1. Each course lasts 60 hours.

According to the Erasmus+ Programme the students must acquire basic Italian language skills before the beginning of their exchange, therefore, Italian courses for absolute beginners are not available.

Before the course starts, the students are requested to send the application form to the Language Centre. It is available below.

Italian A2 – Elementary

Italian B1 – Intermediate

Italian B2 - Advanced

Before the courses start, the Language Centre organises a placement test, so that each student can follow the appropriate course for their language level.

For further information about the placement test (where and when it takes place) and about the lessons timetable, click here: PLACEMENT TEST , LESSONS TIMETABLE

Obtaining credits


Erasmus+ students can obtain credits depending on their attendance at the Italian courses, if it is stated in their study plan.


36-45 hours attended = 4 credits


46-60 hours attended = 5 credits


Group work = +1 credit


The minimum attendance requirement in order to obtain the final certificate is 36 hours.

Since the courses are extra-curricular, it is not possible to receive a mark. Only credits are obtainable, depending on the attendance and the result of the final test. The assessment will be expressed with "sufficient/good/excellent". See the certificate example below.

The final test for Erasmus incoming students at the SSLMIT can be made to count towards marks for the following exams: “Lingua Italiana” and “Linguistica Italiana”.

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